Urban water and weather

Dr.ir. J.A.E. ten Veldhuis (Marie-Claire)

Email: j.a.e.tenveldhuis@tudelft.nl
Homepage: TU Delft homepage
Projects: Urban pluvial flood risk, quantification and uncertainties.
Description: Since June 2010 Marie-claire ten Veldhuis works at Delft University of Technology as assistant professor for urban drainage. In 2010 she received her PhD degree for her research on quantitative urban flood risk analysis based on data analysis of citizens’ calls. Research in this field continues within the context of EU-FP7 project SMARTeST, on smart flood resilience technologies, where she is a member of the management team and supervises PhD research. Her main research interest is in monitoring and fine-scale analysis of rainfall patterns in urban areas in relation to urban flooding and environmental impacts. She teaches Fundamentals of Urban Drainage (CT4491) and Introduction into Sanitary Engineering (CT3420).
Before coming to Delft University, she worked as water manager for the city of Breda and as a consultant for Royal Haskoning. She worked in several international projects related to urban water management, in Mozambique, Brazil, Nicaragua and Israel.

Prof.dr.ir. N.C. van de Giesen (Nick)

Email: n.c.vandegiesen@tudelft.nl
Homepage: TU Delft homepage
Projects: 1. Distributed Temperature Sensing; 2. Small Reservoirs Project; 3. Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory.
Description: Since July 2004, Nick van de Giesen has held the Van Kuffeler Chair of Water Resources Management of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. He teaches Integrated Water Resources Management (CT4450) and Water Management (CT3011, 2005). His main interests are the modeling of complex water resources systems and the development of science-based decision support systems. The interaction between water systems and their users is the core theme in both research portfolio and teaching curriculum. Since 1 April 2009, he is chairman of the Delft Research Initiative Environment (www.environment.tudelft.nl).
Before coming to Delft University, he worked from 1998 to 2004, at the Center for Development Research of Bonn University, with as main activity the scientific coordination of the GLOWA Volta Project. From 1994 to 1998, he did Post-Doctoral research on the hydrology and management of inland valleys at WARDA, Cote d’Ivoire. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University for his work on wetland development in Rwanda. At Wageningen University, he did his M.Sc. in irrigation engineering.

B. Gersonius (Berry), MSc, PhD

Email: b.gersonius@unesco-ihe.org
Homepage: UNESCO-IHE homepage
Projects: European Interreg IVB project MARE
Description: Berry Gersonius (MSc in Civil Engineering) joined UNESCO-IHE in March 2006 as a lecturer in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems. The scope of his work covers education and supervision of MSc research in the field of flood resilience of urban systems as well as asset management. Main research areas are the operationalization of resilience in context of urban flooding and the development of a whole life cycle cost model for water related infrastructure. Besides that he is involved with an international umbrella project on Urban Flood Management. In addition, he is working in the dissemination of the SWITCH project, which involves a consortium of 32 organisations from 13 countries under coordination of UNESCO-IHE in partnership with the European Union - DG Research.

Dr.ir. F.H.M. van de Ven (Frans)

Email: F.H.M.vandeVen@tudelft.nl; frans.vandeven@deltares.nl
Homepage: TU Delft homepage
Projects: 1. Transitions to more sustainable urban drainage and water supply; 2. Improving living conditions by improving building practice; 3. Urban water balance, runoff losses and runoff retardation; evapotranspiration; urban groundwater regimes; 4. Water quality management of urban runoff; 5. Urban heat stress and evaporative cooling.
Description: Frans van de Ven is leader of the Urban Land & Water Management team at Deltares, the Dutch institute for delta technology, and he is associate professor of Urban Water Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology. He holds a PhD in Hydrology and is leading research worldwide on limiting the environmental footprint of cities and making them climate resilient and subsidence-free. This includes research on improved concepts for urban water and flood management, better methods for urban drainage design and water quality control, green adaptation solutions, urban water demand and water strategy studies.

Prof.dr.ir. D. Solomatine (Dimitri)

Email: d.solomatine@unesco-ihe.org
Homepage: UNESCO-IHE homepage
Projects: 1. Data mining, machine learning and data-driven modelling; 2. Chaos theory applications; 3. Global and evolutionary optimization; 4. Neural networks; 5. Fuzzy logic; 6. Internet-based computing.
Description: He received the engineering degree (equivalent to MSc) in Systems Engineering from the Moscow Aviation Institute (University) in 1979. In 1979-1990 he worked at the Institute for Systems Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, first as a junior researcher, and from 1986 as a senior researcher. He received the Ph.D. degree in Systems and Management Sciences in 1984.
At that time his main interests involved interactive structural modelling, machine learning, decision support systems and software engineering. He actively collaborated with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria).

Dr.ir. G. Di Baldassarre (Giuliano)

Email: g.dibaldassarre@unesco-ihe.org
Homepage: UNESCO-IHE homepage
Projects: 1. UPaRF project: ACCION, Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on the Nile River Basin; 2. KULTURisk.
Description: Giuliano Di Baldassarre was born in 1978 in L'Aquila, Italy. In 2002, he received the MSc in Environmental Engineering (summa cum laude; 100/100 with distinction), emphasized Water Resources Management, from the University of Bologna. In 2006, he took the PhD in Hydraulic Engineering, emphasized Hydrology, from the Milano University of Technology. Then, he worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Geographical Sciences of the University of Bristol.

Dr.ir. Z. Vojinovic (Zoran)

Email: z.vojinovic@unesco-ihe.org
Homepage: UNESCO-IHE homepage
Projects: SWITCH---Decision-Support Tools.
Description: Zoran has over 12 years of practical and academic experience in dealing with different aspects of urban water systems in Australasia, Europe and Central America. He obtained his PhD from University of Auckland , New Zealand , in area of urban drainage systems modelling. His academic research mainly relates to Urban Hydroinformatics and involves aspects such as modelling, optimisation and design of urban water systems; GIS; web-based decision-support and real-time flood warning systems.